Client Reviews

Julie S- Oceanside, CA 

I am a huge fan of Frank and his team! I have been known to refer to them as my guardian angels after my first experience with them. I left the San Diego area in 2001, regretfully selling my Oceanside house before the real estate craze. When I was able to buy it back in 2008, I was thrilled, even though it had been poorly treated by the owners. 
I did minimal repairs and rented it to some young people for two years. It continued to be neglected, so that by the time I could return, it was a real mess. I had the incredibly good fortune of being referred to Steady Builders by good friends, and Frank and the crew performed a true miracle, basically gutting the interior of the house and rebuilding it. 
There was a time constraint, and they were able to do the work in less than three weeks, and at an unbelievably reasonable price. I later trusted my exterior remodel to them and am similarly thrilled with the results. I highly recommend their work! 

Kim S-Bonsall, CA 

Our garage burned down, the loss was devastating, and we were not sure if we would be able to rebuild our garage with the same quality materials that we had used when the original garage was build. 
We contacted Frank Minicilli to give us a quote. He came out the next day and we were surprised to hear that we could build a quality garage with their help. They gave us a time frame of when things would happen, and we were very pleased to see that they kept to the schedule and completed our garage on time and with quality materials. Not only did they meet the schedule they exceeded it by 50 percent. 
We are so pleased with their work and would use them again for other projects. You can count on Steady Builders to show up on time, keep to the schedule and make sure that every detail is taken care of. We love our new garage it is BETTER than the old one and we never thought that would be possible. 

Max M.-Encinitas, CA 

I had two custom homes built on my behalf and managed a major remodel. One of the homes and the remodel were accomplished Steady Builders and I simply cannot emphasize how outstanding they performed. 
First, they were the lowest bidder by significant measure and second, they exceeded their timelines. I was very happy with the quality of workmanship throughout the building process and would highly recommend Frank as a contractor. As a side note two of my coworkers have used Frank’s construction management services and are satisfied customers as well. 

Melanie N-. Oceanside, CA 

We highly recommend Frank as a general contractor. We added over 1,000 square feet to our home. He helped us all the way through the process from design to completion while remaining on budget and completing the work ahead of time. Our once too small home is now our dream home, and it looks beautiful! Everyone that has come to see our end result has been amazed at how our home was transformed so quickly and by the quality of their work. 

My husband and I completed a remodel of our master bath, and closet with Steady Builders. When I say complete remodel, I mean moving walls, relocating the toilet, eliminating a tub, building a large travertine shower with fixed and handheld shower, and enlarging the master closet. It was not replacing the tub, cabinets, and toilet for an update. 
From signing the contract to the removal of the key lock at the end, Frank was wonderful to work with. He is very low key and time driven (he knew we were living amongst the rubble). When things happen to the project timeline outside of his control, he is all about how to move forward. He always came when he said he would, or he texted me to modify plans. I never heard him raise his voice the whole time. In a stressful remodel, it is nice to have calm presence. 

Clara W.-Carlsbad, CA 

I do believe the best thing about Steady Builders is their network of subcontractors. From the tile installer to the cabinetmaker, plumber, electrician, and painters, the quality was excellent. He has a lot of them and gets competing bids (2 or 3) for each subcontract. Each one of the subs was excellent. They were competent, and they came when Frank needed them to be there to keep the project moving. I will also say that I found Frank when he built our daughter’s house from the ground up. I will state that both projects have excellent quality. 
As a side note I will tell you that Frank has a secret weapon – his father – who is also in construction. In my daughter’s house, they were making a complicated central staircase out of hardwood with glass and hickory rails. There had to be some additional framing to make the staircase come out just so with all the visual lines just right. Frank’s father Jack was there for hours and days standing over the framers to make sure they understood what was needed and did it precisely so. The staircase came out beautifully. Lest you think I’m ready to nominate him for sainthood, I will come to the downside. 
Frank doesn’t work for free. I’m sure I could have done the project cheaper, but I don’t know if it would have been a better value. I got another competing bid which was a little cheaper, but not that much. I must admit that coming from the East Coast I am still in sticker shock from buying the house. Remodels are cheaper there, but I don’t know how much CA’s workman’s comp has to do with it. 
In the end, we are thoroughly pleased with the project I do recommend that if you want to do a project, get a bid from Frank. As you talk to him and he explains things when he bids the project, I think the quality of the work comes through. He also has a great website which is worth reviewing. 

Adam W.-Escondido, CA 

I have heard horror stories my whole life about contractors and was worried about finding someone good/reasonable to do my garage conversion and NEW garage and guest house. I VERY LUCKILY got a referral to call Frank Minicilli and his team were great. 

I have referred them to many friends, without hesitation….and this is not a “fake”, BS, internet posting. I would never refer someone to a friend without complete confidence. Professional… communicating time frames and cost and couldn’t be happier with their work. You can email me if you want to confirm….or see photos. 

Melissa M.-Escondido, CA 

We’ve worked on several large projects with Steady Builders and he’s very organized, and professional and offers each client the individual attention their project requires. Unfortunately, there are a lot of flaky and financially unstable contractors out there and Frank has always ran his projects on time and is a man of his word. I would highly recommend his construction company based on my personal experiences and the experience he offers as a general contractor. 

Don R.-Paradise Valley, CA 

Steady Builders and their construction team built two custom ocean front beach homes for us on South Pacific Street in Oceanside, CA. Construction took one year to complete. Frank is an extremely honest and very conscientious supervisor. 
Frank found errors in the architect’s drawings and cooperated to have the drawings corrected; thereby saving us time and money. The subcontractors were also reliable, honest, and they kept the construction site clean. Other contractors that were also building homes or additions in the beach area at the same time were extremely slow and their projects took at least 50% to double the completion time of our homes. 
Since long construction time cost money, it is imperative to complete the project as soon as possible. Frank and his team were extremely aware of the cost and time required to complete details on the homes. They saved us an enormous amount of money with nearly no down time with the construction of our beach homes. I will always recommend Frank as a general contractor to everyone that requires the highest quality home in the shortest possible time. 

Becky W- Carlsbad, CA 

Frank is the fourth construction contractor I have worked with in Carlsbad, and he has been by far the best. When we decided to gut and add on to our house, we were nervous about the scale of the project. Frank told us it would take between 4 and 5 months. When we told people the time frame they laughed and said to double it. 
Now it is 6 months after we pulled the permit and we have been in for over a month. Not only was it on time, but very well managed. The subs were all great, and Frank communicated well with them. The house looks just as I imagined and hoped it would. Frank and his team really did an awesome job. 

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