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Construction Remodeling

Construction remodeling (also called renovation) is the process of redeveloping a broken, deteriorated or outdated building. It is extremely common for homeowners to remodel their home – or a section of it – to simply increase its value. An experienced construction remodel contractor has a firm understanding of all stages of the project’s scope – from planning and structural repair, to rebuilding and finishes.

Like choosing any construction professional, it can be hard to determine the right remodeling contractor for your job. Homeowners renovate their homes in a number of ways, therefore a good remodeler will know all the ins-and-outs of each job type. Some families are in need of a single room remodel (such as a bathroom remodel). Other families are looking for something on a much larger scale, like a full home renovation.

Remodel Contractor

There is no right or wrong way to go about a remodeling project although having a contractor that understands your design ideas and budget is of the utmost importance. The construction remodel contractors at Steady Builders, Inc. consult with our clients and outline the many steps of each stage in the renovation process.

Types of Remodels

Whether you are contemplating a remodel because you want to add comfort to your home, address maintenance/repair issues, add space, save energy or increase your family’s safety, Steady Builders is a construction remodel company that you can count on.

Common types of Construction Remodeling projects:

  • Bathroom Remodel
  • Kitchen Remodel
  • Finished Basements/Attics
  • Home Additions
  • Home Offices
  • Interior, Exterior Remodeling
  • Home Energy Upgrades


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