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New Construction

What Is New Construction? – This is a question that construction companies are asked fairly frequently. The California State Board of Equalization defines New Construction as follows:

  • Any substantial addition to land or improvements, including fixtures.
  • Any physical alteration of any improvement, or a portion thereof, to a “like-new” condition, or to extend its economic life, or to change the way in which the improvement, or portion thereof, is used.
  • Any substantial physical alteration of land which constitutes a major rehabilitation of the land or changes the manner in which it is used.
  • Any substantial physical rehabilitation, renovation or modernization of any fixture that converts it to the substantial equivalent of a new fixture or any substitution of a new fixture.

Simply put, new construction is the building of a brand new, never before built, home or other structure.

New Home / Residential Construction

Having established ourselves as dependable home builders in San Diego County for over 30 years, the team at Steady Builders, Inc. can take your home build from site preparation to dream home completion.

As with any construction job, the process is lengthy and must pass through several project phases before nearing completion. We work closely with all clients to make sure they are informed and involved. Our project managers strive to keep all of our clients 100% satisfied and to keep new construction costs down. From developing floor plans to final paint and landscaping, we can walk you through the process painlessly – every time!